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This is a unique strain bred by Dr.Robotnik and named as such. This plant's lineage has been genetically cultivated and perfected over many years to produce a very versatile strain capable of growing both in- and outdoors, producing high-quality results. In the early stages of this strain's life cycles, the plant will remain in a dark, green-colored state with a short stature and broad leaves. But as the flowering cycle commenses, purple hues will begin to stretch throughout the leaves and buds, with the end result being a plant colored in hues of purples, voilets, pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows, leaving a true marvel to the sight. The trichome structures of the plant have a very high THC to CBD content ratio, with a very strong Indica euphoria not for the faint of heart or beginners. With THC levels testing as high as 30-32%, this is not a strain to be taken lightly and it should be enjoyed in the evenings. The flavors of this strain can depend on a multitude of factors such as indoor/outdoor environments, fertilizers used, phenotypes of the strain grown, and drying+curing methods. But for the most part, this strain, dependant on the ratio of the parent genetics in the given phenotype that is germinated and grown, will deliver a heavy kush taste and smell with aftertones of skunk, peanut butter, and coffee. The aroma of this genetic type is very strong and can attract a lot of attention if no proper indoor ventilation and filtration is used. It is recommended to use a carbon filter at minimum, but preferably both a carbon filter and an in-line O-zone generator to neutralize all scents leaving the grow space, as well as dual benefitting from the natural pesticide like effect it provides eliminating insects and other possible pests from the space. The vegetative growth stage of this strain can vary between possible grow mediums but will preform at its' best in a hydroponic/aeroponic setting. That said, the average vegetative time is 4-6 weeks with the